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South Jersey Scuba. Dive New Jersey With us!

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South Jersey's newest premier SDI Training facility. We specialize in all levels of training from your first Scuba Discovery experience to joining professional dive staff. South Jersey Scuba also organizes some of the best dive trips around the world. From exotic places to our own Jersey Coast. We dive it! Be courageous, be a diver, be the adventurous 1%.

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Personalized multi-platform classes mean more focus on YOU as our newest dive buddy! It's all about fun, safety, and adventure below the waves. Get started with the Open Water Diver Online course today!

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Advanced and technical diving to further your skills


At South Jersey Scuba, we don't just stop at Open Water Class! A good diver is ALWAYS learning! Check out our full lineup of Specialty interests and technical diving courses!

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Scuba gear, equipment, online shop


Let South Jersey Scuba properly outfit you for your diving needs! We can also check and overhaul equipment as needed! We keep digital service records so you don't have to!

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Excitement, adventure, exploration. Take a trip!


Isn't it about time your put that certification to good use? Take one of our exciting bucket list trips! Enjoy the underwater realm like you never knew possible. Let South Jersey Scuba take you on your next adventure!

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TDI Technical Foundations

For the recreational diver who has recently crossed over into the technical realm and is looking to improve their fundamental skills, TDA truly comprehensive and personal course, Technical Foundations is designed to fully evaluate your skills as a diver in preparation for all other Tech classes.

New to Jersey Dive

Interested in diving Jersey? Join South Jersey Scuba onboard the Dina Dee II! These dives are tailored to the divers that want to dive Jersey, but do not know where to start.

SDI Equipment Specialist

This course is designed to give an in-depth look at how dive equipment works. It will cover general repairs and maintenance of various types of exposure suits, BCDs, regulators, and other accessories.

Aug 12
Diving New York: Finger Lakes & Saint Lawrence 8/12-8/16 (NON-DIVER RATE)
Aug 13
Diving New York: Finger Lakes & Saint Lawrence 8/12-8/16 (DIVER RATE)
Aug 13
SDI Hunter/Collector

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