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Dive it. Write it. Read it.

tech diving scuba padi sdi
12/9/2020: Are you sure you want to be a tech diver?! THAT TIME I THOUGHT I WANTED TO TECH DIVE

Dive New Jersey With South Jersey Scuba
7/22/2020: We all have the same thoughts when we get on our first NJ dive boat. Here you go...THOUGHTS OF A NJ DIVER

11/5/2020: YOUR diver journey is a unique one. Don't forget where you came from! DON'T FORGET YOUR ROOTS

10/15/2020:There’s an old mindset that all technical diving gear is unsuitable for a new diver or student. HERE'S WHY!

New Jersey Diving doesn't suck!

11/19/19: Everyone thinks Jersey diving would suck. You'd be surprised...IT DOESN'T SUCK
A smart diver is always learning
2/6/2020: Smart divers are always learning! WHAT WE LEARN

stress and scuba

8/4/2020: Mental stress while diving is real.... MY REVELATION

stress and scuba

1/12/2021: Dive reels can be a reel drag! READ ALL ABOUT IT

stress and scuba

2/1/2021: We learned a lot in 2020! HERE'S NINE THINGS
6/7/2021: Have you been out of the water for a while? Here's some tips on how to stay connected to diving!