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Join SJS onboard the Juliet! Easy departure from Miami to the Bahamas including a hammerhead experience!

Cost: $ 500.00
Like its neighbor Bonaire, Curacao is home to plentiful diving opportunities. The island's dive sites feature amazing coral reefs, walls, and sunken ships protected from strong currents. With amazing visibility and warm waters year-round, this is great place for those just blowing their first bubbles or more experienced divers.

Cost: $ 500.00
Join South Jersey Scuba from April 11th to April 21st, 2026 at the Volivoli resort at "The Soft Coral Capital of the World" or "The Best Shark Diving Location in the World". All deposits and payments are non refundable. With such titles, it is easy to call Fiji a world class dive destination. The strong currents of the outer reefs bring nutrient rich waters from thousands of miles around, and in turn, lure in some of the most diverse life in the ocean, including everything from macro life to pelagic spectacles that defy the eye. With more than 390 coral species and around 1200 fish species it is an underwater naturalist's dream. Wall dives, swim-throughs, caverns, canyons and incredible blue water encounters like bull sharks, wahoo and the occasional manta or whale shark make diving in Fiji an unforgettable experience.

Cost: $ 750.00
Your bucket list trip to the Galapagos is here! If you want to see the big stuff (and the small stuff) this is your chance! A true bucket list trip of a lifetime!

Cost: $ 1,000.00
Join us in Egypt with All Star Liveaboards "Wrecks of the North" trip! To the delight of any wreck diving aficionado, the northern Red Sea is scattered with excellent wrecks at depths suitable for recreational divers.

Cost: $ 500.00
Roatan's reef system is a lure for divers from all over the globe searching for natural adventure and pristine waters. And it's no wonder. It's the world's second-largest barrier reef, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, and it just happens to be our backyard. Also, Roatan's warmer water and gentle currents make for excellent year-round visibility.

Cost: $ 500.00
Come dive some of the best wrecks in North America with SJS and Hunt's Dive Shop!

Cost: $ 400.00