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Meet Your New Buddies

New Jersey Lobster

Ed Kelleher
Owner/Instructor Trainer/Hunter
SDI/TDI #25952
Originally certified in the Florida Springs in 2007. Exploring the wrecks off of the Jersey coast since 2012. Learning something new every season.
Certified gas blender and repair technician. He says he's not Batman, but the two have never been seen in the same room at the same time.
instructor rebreather sdi tdi

Kevin Pang
Owner/Instructor Trainer
SDI/TDI #25953
Recreational instructor, tech diver. Rebreather diver, certified gas blender and repair technician. Find him either underwater or blending bottles. The compressor system is his baby.

Jen C.
Instructor/Dive Girls Hair Braider/Hugger of Monkfish
SDI/TDI #28045
Always excited to dive into the water with students and dive buddies while making friends with all the marine life! The best parts of her dives is seeing the giant smiles on student’s faces, majestic sea flaps flaps, and cuttlefish danger hugs. Jen is also the face of the SDI skill training videos!

RIP Bill H.
Assistant Instructor
SDI/TDI #25949
Bill was certified in 2011. Volunteer firefighter since 1981. Photo and video enthusiast, NJ wreck diver, and world traveler. Gas blender, first response instructor, O2 administrator, and repair technician. Bill will be missed by his entire SJS family.

Jim H.
Assistant Instructor
SDI/TDI #31662
Some call him "Captain Refresher." Certified in 2002, Advanced in 2004, Rescue in 2008. Dive master since August 2010 including Emergency First Responder and enriched air diver. Known to play with Grizzly Bears. Fearless. 

SDI/TDI #28570
He's blue. VERY blue. Keep him fed and all will be well. Also, don't try to steal his food. NJ wreck diver, hunter, and photography enthusiast. Camera name: "The Kraken"

SDI/TDI # 34980
Traveler Mode is always on exploring and photographing the underwater world, but will turn on expert hunter mode when the opportunity arises. Most likely will be your top 5 favorite dive buddies you will ever have.

                             Ryan V
SDI/TDI #236190
Certified in Monterey Bay in 2003. Became an instructor in 2010 to share his love of diving with others. Always thinking about his next dive. Bucket list dive = the Great Barrier Reef. Favorite dive memories = getting yelled at by sea lions in the Pacific and exploring a U-boat in the Atlantic.