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XS Scuba Thermo Isolation Manifold - with indicator

  • PRO - DIN/Yoke with removable spin-out insert
  • XS Scuba Safety Handwheel - Know at a glance that your valve is 100% open
  • 1.5 rotations of the handwheel from fully on to fully off
  • Center-to-center distance: 215 mm (8.46”) +/- 5 mm (0.2”)
  • 3/4”-14 NPSM standard inlet threads
  • On/Off seat built from high strength brass with nylon seat and teflon plated for years of smooth operation
  • One-piece safety assembly protected within the body of the valve
  • O-ring sealed bonnet
  • Modular access plugs (R/L) included for use as single valves
  • Screw-in dip tube with hex wrench tighten feature