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Micro-Series 10x Close Up Lens

Capture close up images and video with the
Micro HD, Micro 2.0, and RM-4K
The 10x Close Up Lens gives the Micro HD, Micro 2.0 or RM-4K cameras a focusing range of 6 to 24 inches (15 to 61cm) underwater and 3 to 6 (8cm to 15cm) on land, allowing the camera to capture close up underwater images and video. You'll be able to reveal the details of a tiny coral shrimp or small anemonefish.
The lens features a durable rubber push-on mount for fast and precise attachment. It easily attaches and removes from the cameras underwater, and includes a small lanyard to secure it to the camera while in use. Also includes protective pouch for storage.
Fits Micro Series models Micro HD, Micro 2.0 and RM-4K cameras.